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Practical advice to planning a better move.

Throw away what you do not need

Packing can be a good opportunity to get rid of articles accumulated over the years. Look at every article to see if you will use it and if you really need it. Begin by sorting articles which you want is to keep, to give, away, throw out or sell.

Donate. Verify with charities as they may pick-up donations. Do not forget to ask for a receipt.

Sell. Have a garage sale or place an ad of articles to be sold on on-line auction sites.

Throw. Verify with your municipality if the city imposes limits on your quantity of garbage a week. If the volume is large, deliver your waste to the municipal garbage dump (at additional cost).

Friends or professionals?
It is of course the most important decision. It depends on a number of factors, your budget and the quality of your friends.

Call the professionals
It is sometimes preferable to work with those who know best: the professionals.

* If you hire the services of a moving firm ... make sure they are registered with the Committee of the transport of Quebec (CTQ) and those who are registered on the Register of the CTQ and are usually member of the Association of the haulage of Quebec. They have insurance responsibility, offer protection against damage and use qualified personnel. Consult different companies and ask them for an estimate.

Appeal to your friends and family
Think. How many times did you help your family or your friends? Now, it your turn to ask for help:

  • Ask friends to come help you one evening to fill boxes.
  • The day of the move, do not hesitate call many people. The task is less heavy.
  • Ask somebody to babysit the children or animals on the day of the move.

Order packing material in quantity
Do not skimp on the packing material. Plan enough boxes, tape, markers, packing paper, bubble wrap or loose fill peanuts. Your volunteers will happily take the excess material.

For a first night
During your last week, prepare for everybody essentials you need for your first night. It will avoid having to search numerous boxes on your arrival. For example; sheets, pillows, pajamas, toothbrush, extra clothes, toilet paper, cleaning materials, garbage bag, food, your medicines etc. ...

  • Set up a system of stickers in colors or choose colored pencils. Affix them or mark them on the sides of your boxes not on top, so that you will know in a glance where they go. Detail the contents of every box in pencil to save time during the unpacking.
  • Make a precise plan which indicates the place you want the furniture to be placed. Put colored stickers or mark colors to match the plan which indicates the place where you want the boxes placed.

Plan food, refreshments and all necessities
Maintain your volunteers (and professionals), take good care of them. Stock up:

  • Food for all day. Earlier in the week, make sure you have paper plates and cups, Plastic cuttery, snaks (granola bars, fruit, nuts or chips...
  • Breakfast. If you have volunteers early in the morning, order a tray of food from the bakery or the grocery store.
  • Lunch or fast food. Think of substantial food which consume well even if you have no table and dishes at your disposal (submarines, chicken, fries or pizza, for example).

What you should know:

  • Put the items which you will need sooner near the door.
  • It is vital to drain any gas tanks of lawn mowers, blowers, etc. The storing of fuels such as solvent, gasoline, paint, etc. is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN!
  • To minimize the space, it's better to dismantle furniture.
  • Arrange mirrors and fragile articles last.
  • Stand up your mattresses to make sure they don't take bad folds.
  • Keep some tools handy for the assembly and the dismantling of your furniture.
  • Fragile articles must be placed in solid boxes and packed adequately with appropriate packaging materials. Mark fragile on the side of boxes and store them on top not bottom.
  • It is forbidden to store flammable products, perishable foodstuffs, live animals and jewelry. Gasoline engines must be completely drained away before storing.
  • The rental of covers, protective carpets and the purchase of new plastic covers to protect the surfaces of your furniture are available.
  • It is recommended to keep the door of refrigerators half-opened to prevent mold and\or stenches.

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